• postkarte - an International group show of Art on a postcard

    An international group show of art on a postcard. Co-curated with Sylwia Kramarz and hosted by 'Art in the Shed' Wivenhoe #postkartewivenhoe 

    32 artists from 8 countries. Artists featured include;

    Olivia Browne, Sylwia Kramarz, Simon Carter, Harvey Taylor, Antonio Occulto, Nicholas Lumb, Rosalie Gancie, Xav Marseilles, Luisa Bergamini, Dorothee Mesander, Jovan Djordjevic, Holly Trill, Lukasz Pawlak, Jessica Jane Charleston

  • 'Collagism : A Survey of Contemporary Collage', Kolaj magazine and The Art Space, Museum Strathroy-Caradoc, Ontario, Canada


     July 1 - August 1, 2016

    The Art Space, Museum Strathroy-Caradoc, Strathroy

    Curated by Christian Julien Siroyt

    Presented in partnership with Montreal-based Kolaj Magazine.


    Group Exhibition with :

    Iuri Kothe (Brazil),  Gabriella Garcia (Brazil), Maya Ben David (Canada), Catalina Schliebener (Argentina),George Bogiatzidis (Greece), Anitra Hamilton (Canada), David Griffin (Canada), Franz Samsa (Italy), Cecilia Cristina Gamarra Tantaleán (Peru), Phil Carney (UK), Will Ursprung (USA), Jacob Whibley (Canada), Anitaa (France), Joyce Hurd (Canada), Tyler Muzzin (Canada), Ro-Nalt Schrauwen (Netherlands), Cory Peeke (USA), Adam Widener (USA, Tres Roemer (USA), Carlyle Baker (Canada), Madeline Deriaz (Canada), Danielle Cole (Canada), Bob Scott (USA), Peter Dowker (Canada), John Kieltyka (USA), Jasmyne Smith (Canada), Aaron Moran (Canada), Olivia Browne (UK), Linda Briskin (Canada),  Emily Jung (Canada), Maryam Ghoreishi (USA), Lynn Skordal (USA), Karen Lynch (Australia), Troy Ouellette (Canada), Rob Kovitz (Canada), Zoraida Anaya (Canada), Ermanno Cavaliere (Italy), Zana Kozomora (Canada), Andrew O'Connor (Canada), Isabel Reitemeyer (Germany), Sally Herman (USA)

    "Collagism" aims to explore the state of international contemporary collage practice. The call to artists generated submissions from countries around the world. The scope of submissions ranged from classical analogue collage to the most cutting-edge, digital, video, sculptural, and other experimental forms of the medium... With the constant evolution of technology, definitions of what "collage" is become increasingly difficult to define. This exhibition hopes to contribute to the conversation of what collage is, and how its practitioners execute it." - Kolaj Magazine, Issue 16